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duino castel
rilke trail
Find out what to do and visit in the area during your stay at the Hotel Alla Dolina

points of interest not to be missed

Duino Castel

Only 2 km from our hotel, perched on the coast line, stands the castle of Duino, home to the Principi Torre Tasso. Come and listen to its century old stories.

Rilke Trail

Just a few feet away from the hotel immerge yourself in the Carsic atmosphere offered by the Rilke trail, which offer amazing views and war posts from the last world conflict

Timavo Springs

In the near town of San Giovanni di Duino, enjoy a trip to the resurgence of the Timavo river, that reappears after flowing underground for over 80 km before finally reaching the sea.  This area filled with history leads down a pathway of trenches and caves dating back to the last world conflict.


Scattered in the nearby countryside are very typical Carsic farmhouses. Let local families host you in their homes and give you a taste of their local products such as wines, cold cuts, cheeses and eggs. 

The beaches

Only 2 km from our hotel in the bay of Sistiana a wide range of seaside facilities, bars and clubs, will allow you to enjoy every moment of your holiday.

The beaches to choose from:
  • Caravella
  • Castelreggio
  • Porto Piccolo

All well-equipped with seaside amenities and characterized by cobblestone beaches and  reefs.

Throughout your stay you will be able to enjoy many activities that the territory offers.

Our staff will be happy to supply all necessary information to make your stay unforgettable
SNORKELING & scuba diving
Horseback rides
Bike riding

Snorkeling & scuba diving

Discovering the local underwater worldOnly a few steps away from the hotel in the bay of Sistiana visit Sistiana Diving center which will take you on a subaquatic adventure where you can discover our underwater world, all  guides and teachers are managed by the Falesie di Duino natural Park.The center offers all necessary equipment for rent.

Horseback rides

In the near proximity of our hotel, Sherba, stables guarantees children and adults a very special experience, riding lessons and carriage rides.

Bike riding

Start your cycling adventure from our hotel in Sistiana, a great number of routs and forest trails are available for you and your mountain bike

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